wine blending

Taking team building to a blending mode - blending the wine.

Wine Blending

In your team build activity we give you all that you need in making the best possible wine that you can master by blending different cultivars of wine. From a selection of different cultivars from some of the best vineyards of South Africa you start blending and testing small amounts of different cultivars so that your team will find the exact combination for a brilliant wine.

After you have blended these wines you will start bottling them and designing the label.

This is an amazing team building event for your team to take more than just team building home.


Any location.

Enigma Adventures work on a base cost for 15 people but 6 people can do it.

To keep it a great social event we do not recommend more than 80 people. 

Two to four hours depending on group size.


Disabled can take partPG16Day and NightIndoor and outdoorFitnes level 1

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