activity info icons

At Enigma Adventures it is of critical importance that you know what the activity is all about. There is however some additional information that we think you should know.

How many times have you wondered about the following:
- How fit must I be for the activity
- Can the activity take place in the day or night
- Can the activity be done indoors or outdoors
- What age restriction is there on the activity
- Can people that are disabled take part in the activity

You don't have to wonder any more, because we have made it easy with our INFORMATION ICONS that is visible at every activity. Here they are and what they stand for

Large Disabled can take part People with certain disabilities can take part
Large Disabled can not take part People with disabilities can't take part
Large PG6 Minimum age requirement of 6
Largte PG10 Minimum age requirement of 10
Large PG13 Minimum age requirement of 13
Large PG16 Minimum age requirement of 16
Large Day and Night Activity can be performed in the day or night
Large Day Activity can be performed in the day
Large Night Activity can be performed in the night
Large Indoor and outdoor Activity can be performed indoors and outdoors
Large Indoor Activity can be performed indoors
Large Outdoor Activity can be performed outdoors
Large Fitnes level 1 Fitness level basic and any person can take part
Large Fitnes level 2 Fitness level medium and most people will still be able to participate
Large Fitnes level 3 Fitness level high and most people must do some sort of exercise