After more than ten years in the team building industry, ENIGMA ADVENTURES now brings you the newest team building activity - the ORB. The NEW adrenalin sport for South Africa and Africa is called zORBing.

Zorbing with the ORB

Your question must be: "What is zORBing by the ORB?" zORBing is to roll down a hill or ramp in a ZORB like plastic ball that is transparent. The ORB team uses ZORB like balls for their team building sessions that consist of two balls. One is the outer ball and the other is inside the outer ball. The ZORB like balls that the ORB team uses have the following dimensions of a 3.2m diameter for the outer ball and the inner ball has a 2m diameter. The inner ball is kept in place when the ball is inflated by normal air by hundreds of strings that are attached inside the balls. Entry into the inner ball is done through two holes on the side of the ball. zORBing can be done by being strapped into a harness on the wall of the inside ball or by sliding inside a small amount of water that has been placed inside the ball and sealed with a plastic blow up plug.

From the highest commercially run bungee jump in the world to the white water river rafting on the Zambezi, zORBing has joined these extreme sport legends in Africa and is a great new team building activity for your company to make use of. zORBing might be new to Africa but not to the world where it has been operated with great success and with a great safety record. So with extreme sport addiction pumping in our blood, zORBing has created a new friendly home for itself with the ORB team as head of the household.

zORBing has the extreme capability to make your team building, corporate function, school fun day or promotional event the talk of the town and an event that all attending will never forget.

the ORB team will take your event to the next level.

Venues with a minimum of 40m level or slightly sloped grass fields. We prefer sloped areas and the longer the better.

Enigma Adventures work on a base cost for 30 people but one person can do it.

Time is the biggest problem and the number of hours in a day. Please contact us regarding your group size and time frame.

A group of 20-26 will take roughly 1 hour depending on terrain and site.

Additional Information
The activity is presented according to the international rules and regulations and the specifications set out by the manufacturer. Your safety is our main concern and the to have the ride of your life.

The following is just the main rules that we follow:

  • ORBanauts has to weigh less than 100kg for the Strapped ORB rides.
  • The HIDRO ORB rides has a combined weight limit of 300kg.
  • Terrain must be suitable so that the ball can come to a complete stop with little or no assistance - we do not use walls, ropes or any other means to stop the ORB balls. If we do not know the venue a site visit might be necessary.
  • Standing during rides is not allowed.

The following venues have been approved so far for zORBing with the ORB. If your venue is not listed, contact us for more info.

- Bass Lake Lodge


Disabled can not take partPG13DayOutdoorFitnes level 1

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