climbing wall

A climbing wall is one of the team building activities that truly can test a team's support and determination.

Climbing Wall

Routes can be made from easy to extremely testing and to scale the 7.4m high wall is no joke for most people. But with support from those around you - you will surely reach the top! 

Team building activities isn't always about group growth but also about personal growth and a climbing wall could just help more than one of your corporate team to realise they have more in them.

This activity can be presented at venues with enough space with anchor points.

Enigma Adventures work on a base cost per day and the number of people doesn't matter.

Time is the biggest problem - the number of hours in a day.

A group of 40 will take roughly one hour.


Disabled can not take partPG6Day and NightIndoor and outdoorFitnes level 1

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